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Updating Your MyMusicStaff Profile

For students setting up to have lessons ONLINE with JAM, please follow these instructions:

Our method of delivering online lessons is using

Click here to download Skype to your device and create an account.

Click here to login into MyMusicStaff: 

  1. Go to top right and click on Parent, student & staff login

  2. Enter your email address and password

  3. Note: if you haven't activated your account, please email JAM and we will resend the login information

Follow these steps to enter your Skype Name (Username) in MyMusicStaff:

  1. Go to top right corner and click on Settings

  2. Click on My Preferences 

  3. Click on Edit under Student Information

  4. Enter your Skype Username (see below how to find it) in the box provided

  5. Remember to save your details

Follow these steps to find and copy your Skype Name:

  1. Go to Skype

  2. Click on your profile picture

  3. Scroll down and click on Skype profile - You will see your Skype name

  4. Click on Skype Name and click copy

Should you experience any trouble setting up your online lessons, we are here to help! Please phone us on +612 8054 8700 or email us

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