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LLV Beginner Band 2022

JAM@LLV (Jeffries Academy of Music) is excited to present the LLV Beginner Band Program at Lindfield Learning Village. There are many wonderful reasons to learn a musical instrument through the band. Your child will have the opportunity to learn a skill that can be used for the rest of their lives, while also gaining confidence through both school and public performance. Studies show that learning to play an instrument can enhance a students academic performance in math, science, visual arts, foreign language and many other academic areas.


The LLV Beginner Band Program will be delivered by JAM@LLV.  The School, JAM@LLV and the Band Director are responsible for the direction and educational components of the band program, whilst JAM will operate the financial and administrative aspects of the program. The LLV Beginner Band in 2022 will be overseen by JAM’s Director and one of Sydney’s most respected music educators and performers - Mr. Nic Jeffries.

Parent involvement and assistance with the LLV Beginner Band will be most welcome, and should you wish to assist with any aspects of the program, please don’t hesitate to contact JAM will be looking to appoint a 'Band Parent Liaison' to communicate with band families and regularly with the conductor.

Before considering the LLV Beginner Band Program, it is recommended you watch the introduction video below with your child to fully understand the style of band and the instruments on offer in the band:

The instruments on offer in the LLV Beginner Band are:

  • Flute (8 places available)

  • Clarinet (8 places available)

  • Saxophone (Alto - 6 places available, and Tenor - 3 places available)

  • French Horn (4 places available)

  • Trumpet (6 places available)

  • Trombone (4 places available)

  • Euphonium (3 places available)

  • Bass Guitar (2 positions available - not shown in video)

  • Keyboard (1 position available - not shown in video)

  • Percussion (4 places available)


One of the most important things a Band Director must consider when putting a band together is the balance of the ensemble. It is important to have all of the above instruments covered, and it is encouraged for families to consider a rare instrument when selecting preferences.


The LLV Beginner Band Program in 2022 will operate on a weekly direct debit system that will include all of the following:


  • 2 x 1hr band rehearsals per school week (times TBA);

  • 1 x 40min group lesson on your child’s specific instrument (times TBA);

  • Beginner band method book;

  • Sheet Music in addition to the method book played by the band;

  • Instrument hire*;

  • Instrument servicing**


The weekly direct debit cost upon signing up to the LLV Beginner Band is $49.00***

The only extra costs for parents to consider within the program are:


  • Perishable items such as reeds for clarinet and saxophone players (these can be ordered and supplied by JAM); valve oil and/or slide grease for brass players; cleaning kits (these can be ordered and supplied by JAM); drums sticks; extra mallets etc. for percussion students (these can be ordered and supplied by JAM)

  • Camps; Tours or other performances will be quoted with a cost at the time of notification for parents consideration


Students currently in Year 3-8 are encouraged to SIGN UP to be a part of the LLV Beginner Band in 2022.


*Instruments are provided cleaned and serviced at the commencement of the agreement. Students playing percussion are supplied with a practice pad; a mallet bag and a practice glockenspiel (no drum kit is supplied). Students playing bass guitar are supplied with a bass guitar beginner pack with bass guitar and soft case; a small practice amplifier and a tuner (your own lead/s are required). Keyboard students will be supplied with a basic electric practice keyboard for home if required;

**Instruments are cleaned and serviced annually. Any damage or breakage considered not to be general wear and tear will be the financial responsibility of the hirer;

***Weekly direct debit commences from the collection of instrument and commencement of hire agreement for a minimum period of 12 months/52 weeks. There can be no cancellation or refund during the period of the agreement.

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